Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test

Check your internet speed with precision!
Our service measures your connection’s speed, latency, and jitter, ensuring you get comprehensive and reliable results in seconds.

Would you like to see how your internet speed compared to the rest of the world? Click on this link to see the world speed index Global Speedtest Index

How to get the most accurate result from your speed test?

Step 1

Disconnect all wifi-enabled devices, as well as devices that are connected via an ethernet LAN cable, from your router.

Step 2

Only connect the device that you are planning to do the speed test on, preferably via LAN cable.

Step 3

Make sure there are not any active downloads currently on the device that you are using to do the speed test on.

Step 4

Hit the "GO" button and see how fast your internet is.

Our Internet Solutions

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Most Popular Questions

Ping/latency ping is the time it takes for a packet of data to be sent to the destination and return back to the device the test is being run on. This test determines the latency of your internet connection. The higher the value of your ping/latency the slower you will experience your internet connection. Ping/Latency is also commonly referred to as "Lag" on a line. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms).