Telkom LTE

Discover Telkom LTE for high-speed internet connectivity. Enjoy reliable service, flexible plans. Connect with us for seamless internet solutions.

Maximize Your Data with
Telkom LTE

Unlock the power of high-speed internet with Telkom LTE. We bring you reliable, fast, and flexible internet solutions. Enjoy the convenience of our 1-month data rollover feature, ensuring you make the most of your data plan each month. Stay connected, whether at home or on the go, with Telkom LTE.

Any LTE Compatible Router

No need to buy a new LTE router. You can order the SIM Only and use your own LTE-compatible device.

No GEO Lock

The Telkom LTE SIM will not be GEO locked to the closest tower, allowing you to get coverage almost everywhere.

No Contracts

You're not obligated to stay with us, but we are confident you'll want to.

Telkom LTE Capped
Pricing Plans

20GB + 20GB

R179 / month

Features :

40GB + 40GB

R235 / month

Features :

80GB + 80GB

R265 / month

Features :

120GB + 120GB

R325 / month

Features :


R795 / month

Features :

Night Surfer

Our Telkom LTE Capped data packages include Anytime Data along with FREE Night Surfer Data, which can be used between midnight and 7am. Note: The 2TB Package is excluded.

Anytime Data: 07:00 – 23:59
Night Time Data: 00:00 – 06:59

Data Rollover

If you don't use all your allocated data in one month, the remaining amount is added to your data allowance for the next month. The rolled-over data expires if not used within the following month.

Telkom LTE Topups

5GB Anytime

+ 5GB Night time


10GB Anytime

+ 10GB Night time


20GB Anytime

+ 20GB Night time

R 249

40GB Anytime

+ 40GB Night time

R 359

60GB Anytime

+ 60GB Night time


80GB Anytime

+ 80GB Night time


120GB Anytime

+ 120GB Night time

R 759

220GB Anytime

+ 220GB Night time

R 1059

Telkom LTE Uncapped
Pricing Plans

10Mbps Uncapped

R599 / month

Features :

20Mbps Uncapped

R695 / month

Features :

Frequently Asked Questions

You can generally expect speeds between 10-50Mbps. Please note that speeds are determined by the external environment around your home and the location of your router within your home.